dba PerDiem Pilots, LLC.
U.S. Govt.Contractor
Cage # 5L0R9
Est. 2003
Offices in Miami and
Melbourne, Florida

Our Ferry Services include Large Jet Aircraft Testing and RVSM Ferry on our own FAA OpSpecs, Lease Returns, Pre-Purchase and Pre Lease
Inspections, Demo Flights, Acceptance Testing, Short and Long Term Pilot Leasing,Technical Representatives, DARs, Bonded Import / Export Services.
Our 24/7 Flight Operations Department insures that you are provided with continual "real time" updates on your aircraft status and movement.

All PerDiem Pilots, LLC. Crews are seasoned veterans in the aircraft services business and specialize in supporting all aspects of preparation and Safe
operation of your Aircraft Testing and Delivery projects. We are widely known in this business with a reputation for an unwavering pursuit of Safety,
Reliability and Efficiency in organizing and managing the fluid logistics necessary for International and domestic Testing and Transport of Large Jet and
Smaller Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft.

Our "Turn Key" Services include an extensive menu of available services. These services include but are not limited to:

Flight Planning, Weather Forecasts, Contract Fuel, Ground Handling, Over Flight Permits, Special Ferry Permits, HF Kits, Rafts and Survival Equipment,
Portable Tracking Device, Visas, Navigational Services, TSA Waivers, eAPIS, Customs, Bonded Import / Export Services, Airport Fees, Communications,
Crew Transportation, Hotels and any other services necessary to get the job done! We also maintain our extensive worldwide networking assets including
DAR and 24/7 AOG resources to further support your missions.

Our Government Aircraft Services include, PDM FCF, MTF Sorties, MTEs, IPs, Ferry, Rotations,Training, Aviation Advisors and Consulting OCONUS and
CONUS. All PerDiem Government Crews specialize in supporting all aspects of preparation and operation of your Aircraft. We exclusively  utilize our well
known Government Contract Pilots who are recognized as highly experienced experts in the procedures required for various operations of all Government
Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft both Internationally and domestically.

PerDiem Pilots, LLC  Management and Crews are comprised of highly experienced Airline and Government Contract Pilots. We specialize in providing  
significant cost savings to our customers by devoting extra attention to pre-mission planning, negotiating the best fuel prices with our Global Fuel Accounts
and the lowest cost Airline Tickets when available. We also utilize our own FAA RVSM Op Specs and strategic tech stops as well as "real time" 24/7
tracking and management of the Aircraft and Crew. When applicable we are able to utilize our vast network of "dual licensed" Foreign based Crews to
save our customers time and money particularly for local Demo flights...eliminating expensive international airfare, additional hotels and time.

Call us anytime to discuss your project and how we can help. Aircraft Delivery Service +1-305-521-8677 or Cell +1-561-702-5653 (24/7)

                                         "If Safety, Quality, Reliability and Peace of Mind is your priority,
                                                PerDiem Pilots, LLC. will prove to be your best choice!"
* Permits * Handling * Low Priced Contract Fuel * HF & Survival Kits *
*PDM FCF * Bonded Aircraft Export / Import * AOG Assistance *
* Turnkey 24/7 Services *

Providing Premium Services for Leasing Companies, Airlines, MROs and Governments Since 2003
Offices in Miami and Melbourne, Florida
U.S. Govt. Contractor #
Boeing, Airbus, B-717, B-727, B-737, B-757, B-767, B-747, B-777, B-787, MD-80, MD-83, MD-88, MD-90,
A-310, A-319, A-320, A-321, A-330, A-340, C-130, CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, EMB145, L-100, DASH 8,
ATR-42, ATR-72, F-100, F-50, Bell, UH-1, UH-60, AH-64 and all Commercial and Government Aircraft.
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PerDiem Pilots, LLC. is a “Can Do” Cultured Company providing consistently Safe and Reliable Services
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