Crews for All Govt. Aircraft
We are Experts in Crewing Civil and Govt. Fixed Wing or Rotary Aircraft "Anywhere Anytime"
FCF, Testing, Sorties, Ferry, Rotations.
World Wide Turn Key Services at Highly Competitive Rates..
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               Rotary and Fixed Wing Pilots for FCF, MTF etc.
Pilots and Services for  *Boeing*  *Airbus*  *McDonnell Douglas*  * C-130*
*Govt. Aircraft* *Rotary*  *Dash* *King Air* *Cessna*  Etc.
*Fixed Wing & Rotary Aircraft Crewing Services*
*Pilots* *Ferry* *Tech Reps* *DARs* *PDM FCF*  *Acceptance Tests* *MTPs*  *Demos* Aircraft Export*
*Aircraft Import* *Training* *Consulting*  *Repossession Services*
*ISR Crews*  *Govt. Contract Crews"  "Turn Key Service Worldwide"  
*Security Clearances*  "All Missions Anywhere Anytime"
Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas C-130, Crews for Ferry, Testing, FCF 24/7. Inspections of Records, Airframe, Engines on short notice. Special Ferry Permit assistance. Pilots, Crews, Ferry Pilots
C-130, C130,F-16, F16,C-12,C12,L-382,L382,Military Aircraft, Military
Crews and Technical assistance for all Missions and Aircraft  24 / 7
Special Crews for ALL Govt. Aircraft Worldwide
Special Crews available Worldwide
"Anywhere Anytime"
All Govt. Crews have Appropriate Clearances
Ferry, Testing, Demos, Lease Returns  
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U.S. Govt.Contractor Cage #

Fast Deploy Maintenance Teams assisting your company
with Emergency AOG repairs Worldwide.
488190, 336411, 336412
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* Anywhere Anytime *
Est. 2003
Offices in Melbourne and
Miami, Florida
  • Aircraft Testing
  • Contract Crews All Missions
  • Crew Transportation
  • Crew Lodging
  • Fueling and Contract Fuel
  • Over Flight Permits
  • TSA Permits
  • eAPIS
  • Flight Planning and
  • On Board Tracking
  • Visas
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Tech Reps
  • DARs DERs
  • Consulting Services
  • Rotation Ferry
  • Aircraft Performance Analysis
  • Ground Handling
  • FAA and Local CAA
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